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I remember the happiness before we were reborn, when the Earth was still one country and the Moon had its kingdom…but in the end, the Earth and Moon warred, and that happy time crumbled to ashes.

Sailor Moon Manga | Act 9


 Tsunemori Akane || Psycho-Pass 


Kougami from Chapters 1 to 5

Kougami Shinya / Pyscho Pass Official Art by Amano Akira


I'll go with you no matter your sin.


 イ コ パ ス  -
" Is there something on my face ? "

Yea my face! SLAM make out session


Psycho-Pass New Edit Ending 1 - The Whole Cast (so far, together)
               "I was born behind black iron bars, 
                 wish for payback the evil done. 
             As you wish, I'll give you your justice,
              before you destroy or get destroyed.
           Pay by karma's price, and let's go together-
                    Monster, without a name."


Kanshikan Kougami Shinya Ch. 1
Raws by Theburderfountain